Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beeswax and Olive Oil wood finish

I found this being used on the number of websites for children's toys. It looked to be a pretty simple and straightforward recipe to try. Although I think it will require a fair amount of maintenance, I do think that it should be a good finish. I'm going to start out with this on the front-vise handle.  I am making it out of a poplar dowel with pre-made "toy wheels" for the ends.  I wish I would've taken in adequate pre-photo of these ends before applying the beeswax/oil finish, it really dramatically changed the appearance.

It really darkened up and brought out the grain. So, for now we will see how this does for just some basic sealing of the wood on the handle and a few other parts. The benchtop will likely remain unfinished. Hopefully, the bench will be finished this week...


  1. Great pictures! I love the way that natural wood finishes look. I was looking into finishing my cabinets and table in a very similar fashion, but I'm not sure what brand to go with. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I was going for a real minimalist approach here, so this was simply beeswax I purchased at a nature store (less than $1) and some really light, extra virgin olive oil from the cupboard. I would be hesitant to do a large project yet (I'm waiting to see if there is any spoilage and smell after being applied for awhile!) I will say it has been 3 months and so far the pieces I have done only have a light beeswax smell (faintly sweet)and appear nicely protected. There are a number of brand-name products, most of which have additional carnuba wax and some additional solvent, which I'm sure would also be more durable. This version would likely need reapplication frequently.