Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keyed mortise and tenon 2

After a few mistakes here and there, the keyed mortise and tenon coffee table is nearing a final state.  A few notes: maple is hard to work with, but the keyed tenon is solid as a rock as a result.  So that is nice.  I might still cut new keys as these are still a little too "angular" and they are slightly too long/high.  

I am very pleased with the table top, it will be the first project that was really properly surfaced prior to finishing.  The lamination turned out very nice as well, and the sanding makes such an immense difference in the finish of the final piece.  I think once the keys are fixed up and the top secured, we will be happy.  This was an additional test-piece prior to working on the cherry bench that was the inspiration for this piece.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adirondack Chair

So this was my most recent project. It is interesting because this was the absolute first thing I started when I didn't know anything at all, then I took a big long break from it. Then, I came back to it after doing other projects with more skill (and more tools). Full disclosure: I used a jigsaw and sander. Now that I can go outside it is a little easier to do those things. 
Now I need to make a few more or it will be a pretty lonely seat :) it is comfortable which is nice and I think it is aesthetically pleasing as well. It is cedar with teak oil finish.