Monday, December 24, 2012

First dadoes

My first dadoes for the workbench skirts. I marked them out and used a chisel a la Paul Sellers book on the matter. I don't have a router plane and the chisel through a block method wasn't working that well for me, but I think this worked out pretty well with just the chisel. Unfortunately the glue joint broke, which I'm diagnosing as attempting to glue at around 20 degrees F. Also, I did not measure correctly and need to extend them further. Such is learning, right?

Update: the final fate of this skirt was sealed after I broke through the dadoe while trying to clean up the edges, and the remainder of the glue joint failed along the edge.  3 lessons: don't skimp on the skirt thickness! Back your wood if you are chiseling a thin piece, and pay attention to the temperature when you are gluing up... 

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